Mewstone Voluntary No Take Zone and Crawfish Hatchery and Restocking Project.


My name is Howard Jones and I own a small business called Freeology Ltd. Freeology is a water sports company that teaches people how to snorkel and freedive.I have in the past captained the UK freediving team at the world championships and also staged the world’s largest freediving competitions. In the past I have been a deep-sea diver in the North Sea for eleven years, editor and owner of Freediver magazine, which was a very active supporter of sustainable fishing, and I have had the following mission statement for the past 5 years:

Fishing by such a method that allows the Oceans harvest to be sustained and flourish for the children of our children’s children. We will be the Generation that turns the world back from committing Fish Genocide. We will practice this and spread the word whenever possible.” 

I have lived in Plymouth all my life and spent many many years snorkeling around the cost of Devon and Cornwall, this is my passion it’s what I do. But I have seen many changes to the Ocean and its life over the past 30 years. And as my 3 children are growing up and will soon be able to snorkel I feel a huge responsibility and duty to do whatever I can to make sure there is still lots of marine life for them to see, catch and enjoy for my children and for their children.

There are two main projects which I have undertaken, which if successful will go some way to help to protect and conserve our cherished local marine life.Thank you for taking the time to read this document and I hope you will join me and help in which ever way you can to make this project a great success.